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Colegio Inglés Torreón is a private catholic institution that offers a bilingual program to Mexican children. The school was founded in 1983. There are 360 children enrolled in our pre-school program, 500 in elementary and 200 in our middle-school program (7th,8th and 9th).

We promote the development of the child’s personality, and the domain of the English as a second language. Some aspects of our program are based on Piaget’s research and subsequent theory concerning individual growth and development. As a school we also promote nationalism and moral development in our students.

In our Pre-school program (ages 3 to 6) our children are acquainted with the English language progressively. They also learn to master basic skills and attitudes like socialization, development of their own language and logical-mathematics concepts. Their psychomotor development is also encouraged.
In our Elementary Program, we deal with a Mexican teacher in each class who is in charge of the self contained Spanish program for two groups and a native English speaker teacher who teaches the English program and speaks only English during class time to the same two groups. Therefore our students have a Spanish teacher one half of the school day and an English teacher the other half. Elementary goes from grade 1 to grade 6.
Our High School Program which covers 7th,8th and 9th grades is called Secundaria. Our day in Secundaria is divided in eight daily periods of 50 minutes with a recess in the middle. There is a teacher per each subject. Subjects taught in English are: Biology, History. Geography, Physics, Chemistry and English.

We also offer a one year English Intensive Program for 6th graders who do not speak any English, but would like to join our Secundaria. This program is entirely taught in English and its goal is to master the language to be able to study in English the following year.

All of our students, from Preschool to Secundaria have Physical Education classes with special teachers. Other special classes offered are Computing, Art, science, lab, Religion and Music.













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